Tuesday, December 27, 2011

G.S. Advance - G.S. Advance For Dummies (Free Download)

G.S. Advance just sent this over,if youre unfamiliar with his music this is for you,featuring Shaz Illyork, Spit Gemz, Holocaust, AZ, Nature and more.
DOWNLOAD HERE http://www.megaupload.com/?d=S8U7SEIZ

Damian Burnz - Leaky Leaks (Free Download)

Leaky Leaks <- this is the full mix. Indivdual tracks are below. by Damian Burnz Leaky Leaks

Get the full 2 hour mix from Damian Burnz or you can download the individual tracks either featuring original songs and remixes from Slaine, LordWillin, Ill Bill and more


New video from White Owl of Ill Roc Records

Class A'z - Small Talk ft. Nugget - Terawrizt Redzer Nucentz Nugget (New...

New Class A's video,get the "On Tick" Mixtape free here http://www.terawrizt.com/shop

Friday, December 23, 2011

Lethal Dialect - LD50 Part 2 Preview (Free Download)

LD50 Part 2 Preview by Lethal Dialect

Lethal Dialect does it again,LD50 part 2 shapin up to be a classic,check the first part here.

And check the video to


Mr. Green with an impressive beat as usual

Nightwalker's Top 25 Wackest Rappers of All Time!

1. Lil Wayne
-First off, you dress like a woman. Second, regardless of whatever you've EVER done, I've seen the Tim Westwood video of you trying to freestyle. Wow. Last but not least I'm pretty sure Wayne is single handedly responsible for all the wack music that's out right now. I remember the FIRST time I heard the song "Bling bling" I said to myself "That's it. It's over. Music is done."

2. 50 Cent.
-Lets be serious. No one listens to this dude. When's the last time you heard a 50 verse and were like "DAMN yo. He KILLED that shit!"? I'll tell you when. Never. I know you got your "Old School" cats that will say "Yo He used to be dope on his old mixtapes before he went mainstream and sold out.". No. You're just saying that to sound cool like YOU knew about him before everyone else. Guess what? He sucked then too.

3. Jeuvenile.
-Do I even have to explain this one? Dude's words didn't even rhyme and no one knows what the fuck he's even saying.

4. Nelly.
Come on now! I heard this dude's NAME and it was over for me. And I swear to god the next person that makes me listen to that "If you wanna go and take a ride with me" song is getting jawed. I think I actually broke up with a chick once strictly because she listened to Nelly.

5. Jay-Z.
-Yeah I said it! First off he had one DECENT album and cats act like it's some kind of Illmatic or something. It's not. It's all bullshit. He then dropped like 7 consecutive wack albums after that, each one getting worse and worse. Plus, the dude claims that he doesn't write his rhymes. You're DAMN right he doesn't. Someone else does! That's why if you look on the back of his CD booklets under writers credits, there's 3 or 4 people's names there besides his for each song. Shut up Jay-Z. You suck.

6. Insane Clown Posse
-Stop painting your faces. You're grown ass men. I respect that you have tricked THOUSANDS of weird white kids into thinking that you could rap and that you "made music for them" but that shit don't fly over here.  Never did, never will.

7. P. Diddy.
-You don't write your own shit, you're wack, you didn't even write your own verse for a fuckin TRIBUTE song to Biggie. Keep dancing and popping bottles but please don't rap. Thanks douchebag.

8. Missy Elliot
-You're weird, you're ugly, no one knows what you're talking about, your beats are annoying, your hair is annoying, your videos are annoying and you DEFINITELY can not rap.

9. Mac Miller, Asher Roth, Machine Gun Kelly, Hopsin, Tyler the Creater, Earls Underwear and any other teenage frail faggots are all categorized under one rapper.
-CAUSE THEY'RE ALL THE SAME! WACK little frail faggots that couldn't Punch their way out of a wet paper towel. You're frail. Stop rapping. Rappers are supposed to be cool. Not gay!

10. Will Smith.
-Someone should of killed you after you released that Miami song. How you gonna fuck up a song when NAS wrote it!? Faggot.

11. Chamillionare
-If you listen to this dude, you are stupid.

12. Noreaga
-What what?! I have the blue CD and War Report for some reason but I've heard better verses come out of Freestyle battles and open mics.

13. J-Kwon
-Errybody in the club get tips! Yeah what was his next single after that one? Exactly.

14. E-40.
-I'm not sure where this dude comes from, but I'm not from there! His voice annoys me, No one uses or cares about his "slang", he dresses like a douchebag, and my white ex girl that listens to OAR and The Counting Crows had his CD in her car. Nuff said.

15. Dr. Dre.
-You don't write your own rhymes. Shut your mouth and sign another pop star. Did Detox ever come out by the way? I'm not even kidding. Ehhh who cares.

16. Magoo. (from Timbaland & Magoo)
-I bet you can't find ONE Magoo fan! Go ahead. Try. Never gonna happen.

17. Kanye West
-You're whole AURA is just wack. Everything about this dude sucks. His voice is annoying, his rhyme schemes, his cadence, everything. FAR from a lyricist. Plus dude dresses like a faggot.

18. Lil B, Soulja Boy, Plies (The black versions of #9.)
-Same reason. Frail faggot shit. Tattoos don't make you gangster. They just give bad people with tattoos the right to punch you in the face.

19. Tech N9Ne
-Somehow a LOT of people that listen to underground Hip-Hop like this dude. I can't figure out why? Yeah, sure, he could put mad snares on 16th notes and sychronize words with snares but who the FUCK wants to hear THAT shit?! Not me. Probably the same kids that listen to ICP.

20. Kool Keith
-Yeah. Again. I said it. I bought a CD of his once and I was like, "Uhhhhhhh is this serious?". Worst shit I have ever heard. Besides the Afu Ra CD!

21. Afu Ra
-I remember he had a single with a Premo beat, a cool video so I went out and bought the record. WACK! Through that shit RIGHT out the window. Terrible.

22. KRS One
-Yup. I liked Step into this world cause the beat was dope and He rapped all right but you know what? I never liked more than 1 or 2 joints on his albums. And who the fuck is he teaching? Not me. WACK! Bong.

23. Chingy.
-Is that the guy who said "right thur"?It doesn't matter. Just because he MIGHT be that dude, he makes the god damn list! Fuck you Chingy. That's annoying..

24. Marky Mark.
-No explaination needed.

25. Drake, Nikki Minaj, Wiz Khalifa and whoever else is blabbing on the radio for the moment.
-Its ALL faggot shit, you will ALL realize it later when they fade away like Lil Zane, Smiles n Southstar, Bubba Sparx, J-Kwon and ALLL these other wack mothafuckers that came before them and got their 15 minutes of fame. WACK!


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sabac Red - How We Think (Off the DJ JS 1 album ft Slaine & Sick Jacken)...

The Four Owls - Not Like Before (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Get the album here http://www.high-focus.com/

Empty Handed Warriors - "Occupy the Industry" mixtape [PROMO]

Empty Handed Warriors promo,dropping new years day. JA JA


New sampler from 2 of the hardest working out here, this is dropping very soon,dont miss it.

Apathy Feat. Celph Titled - Stop What Ya Doin' (Symphonik BANG REMIX)

Remix by Symphonik BANG, more from him here http://www.facebook.com/pages/Symphonik-BANG-Productions/117871651197
Get the original here http://demigodzstore.com/

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

No Pretense - Horror Epicz E.P. (REVIEW)

I was recently sent the new e.p. from No Pretense,check the review below.

Opening with the title track which has a mournful sample throughout that reminds me of a depressed Mariachi before a mexican standoff,with the heavy guitars and scratching matched with Bane and Mury Poppinz  droppin some seriously gruesome bars,this is somewhat of a warning shot to the listener.

Moving on then to "Skeletons" they slow down the pace a bit but this just makes it more menacing, with Brutal Artistrys production more sparse on this really adding to the overall edginess this was one of my favourites on the ep,unfortunately i cant find it on youtube so youll just have to buy it to find out, "it was a dark,dark night" the opening lyrics to the song this really sets off some vivid imagery.

Up next is "Fundead" which features  UK Legend Junior Disprol who also created the artwork,you can listen to that below.

 After that we have ""Nighwatch" which starting off with an eerie sample of dialogue,possibly from a certain russian film,the production on this is much more upbeat (as upbeat as a song about headshots and the undead can be haha) with its rolling beat and the emcees using a rapid fire delivery this is another high point.

C.H.U.D. featuring Snuff Ruffian ups the ante even more with the guitar heavy sounds this is one that would start a mosh pit while still staying hip hop to the core,no easy feat at all.

The ep ends with the song "Nothingness" which has a great bass and guitar driven groove to it and the emcees again showcasing there abilities to great effect, this ends the project on a perfect if somewhat sombre note,this is the song theyll play when the resistance to the zombie apocalypse fails no doubt.

Overall,if youre a fan of great production and skilled rapping and gruesome lyrics (Without being cartoony) you need to get this in your life.

BUY IT HERE  http://www.thedarkcitystore.com/product/no-pretense-horror-epicz-12-transparent-with-red-splatter-vinyl-pre-order 

The vinyl version comes blood splattered,whats not to like?




Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Uk Runnings Presents Digital Revolution – Volume 6 Hosted By Skriblah Dangogh (Free Download)

UK Runnings does it again,this time teaming up with Skriblah Dan Gogh.
Featuring Late, Skriblah, Iron Braydz, Triple Darkness and more,get it here http://www.datpiff.com/Tricksta-Uk-Runnings-Presents-Digital-Revolution-Volume-mixtape.291449.html
Shoutout to Tricksta

Prys from Defenders of Style - Subterrania Studios - S1 E3

Smashed it,get more from Defenders of Style below.

Genesis Elijah - My Truth (Official Video)

Another new video from Genesis Elijah.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Shaz Illyork featuring Maffew Ragazino - Tango With The Cash (Free Single)

Two of the best doin it at the moment no question

LordWillin - The Ski Mask Monk Chronicles - Free Download

LordWillin (Ill Roc Records) teams up with First Son Records and HIPHOP is AWOL for this compilation.
FREE DOWNLOAD HERE http://hulkshare.com/4i3d88ec15dq

Featuring production from Apathy, Vanderslice, Henrytha8th, Chum Zilla, War Criminals, Velvet Sick, Scamrock and more.
Appearances from 40 Dash (R.I.P.), Wordsmiff, YTV & Freedom Of Press, Scamrock.

LordWillin on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/LordWillin/137710499581384
First Son Records on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/firstsonhiphop

Check the song Apathy produced for LordWillin here to

Supar Novar-Here i am mixtape free download

Uk veteran Supar Novar drops another free mixtape for your listening pleasure.
download linkhttp://www.mediafire.com/?0lk8ycksyydqv2x
featuring the single


Monday, December 12, 2011

Sons Phonetic - Street Freestyle (Mouse)

Mouse Hughes of the Sons Phonetic crew drops some bars for a new documentary coming soon on RTE.
Check out Sons Phonetic's excellent album, 12 Labours on the player below.

DJ Modesty - The Real Hip Hop Show No. 209 (Free Download)

Everytime i hear the intro to this show i get hyped up, DJ Modesty has always got his finger on the pulse with new music from Crazeology, White Shadow, Slick Rick, Termanology and more.
Listen or Download on the player below.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

House Of Rothschild - Stop Glitchin' feat. Nite Boogie (Free Download)

Stop Glitchin Ft. Nite Boogie (Prod by Prophet One) by houseofrothschild

The first song from newly formed group House Of Rothschild which consists of Gage (Click Animosity) & fellow Beantown emcee Hoppie X-Ray.
This song is produced by Prophet One.
The Group already have 2 albums of material ready so its only a matter of time before we hear more from them.
Expect more from them with producers like 7th Galaxy,Extremidiz, Ayatollah and more.
Check out their Facebook page here http://www.facebook.com/pages/House-Of-Rothschild/302819333086010
Twitter http://twitter.com/#!/HouseRothschild
ReverbNation http://www.reverbnation.com/houseofrothschildofficial

Thursday, December 8, 2011

War Criminals - Nuestro Cobre feat. LordWillin, Pryme Prolifik & Klive K...

LordWillin sent this over,taken from War Criminals album you can get that free here http://www.mediafire.com/?so0p7hrln44496x

The Doppelgangaz - At Night (Official Music Video)

New video from The Doppelgangaz,taken from the album Lone Sharks http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/lone-sharks/id444491250 

WyldBunch & DJ SoulClap: LIFE (Free Download)

WyldBunch and DJ SoulClap just dropped this free album,entirely produced by SoulClap this project is dedicated to Bunch's 3 kids and Claps son to aswell as the memory of Claps good friend Victor Robles and his mother who were tragically shot.



  1. What The World Is Comin’ To
  2. The Hardest of Times (feat Oxygen)
  3. Change (feat Punchline)
  4. What Happenin’ Now
  5. Wake Up (feat. J-Ruff)
  6. Educate Yourself (feat Apocalypse)
  7. Dat’s My Shit
  8. L.I.F.E. Decisions
  9. Karma
  10. Where Brooklyn At
  11. Stay P.O.S.I.T.I.V.E.
  12. When You Know Better
  13. Never Forget You
  14. For The Fam


Footage from Shaz Illyork's recent art show in Queens,The Opposition representing in full force.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Configa - "Back 2 Basics" (ft. John Graham)

Big up my brother Configa,another great video,never heard any of John Graham apart from this but hes class,the whole 95,9 to 5 scheme is nuts.
Buy Configas album here  http://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/configa-presents-calm-before/id455985893

LordWillin - Ski Mask Monk Mixtape Sampler

The sampler for LordWillin's compilation "The Ski Mask Monk Chronicles".
The Ill Roc Records artist teams up with First Son Records and HIPHOP is AWOL for this free download which will be released in the next few days.


1.The Ski Mask Monk ( prod. by Chum Zilla )
2.Gutta Wordlwide feat Wordsmiff ( prod. by Enlight, cuts by DJ 456)
3.Jedi Killa ( prod. by Vanderslice )
4.Therapy ( prod. by Cypriot Vibez )
5.Passion Of The Swine feat ScamRock ( prod. by ScamRock )
6.Bullets Over Bass ( prod. by Exa & Boosta )
7.Grey Skies ( prod. by War Criminals )
8.Totality feat Freedom Of Press ( prod & cuts. by Henry The 8th )
9.Ghetto Lumberjack ( prod. by Digi D )
10.A Thorn In The Side ( prod. by Diract Beats )
11.Rep Mine ( prod. by Rekademix Productionz )
12.Worldwide Raw feat Raptus ( prod. by Velvet Sick )
13.Not Ready feat 40 Dash ( prod. by Vanderslice )
14.Heed The Words ( prod. by Apathy, cuts by DJ 456 )
15.Drowning In The Fire ( prod. by War Criminals )
Bonus Track- Out Come The Wolves dub mix ( prod. by Fuso )
Bonus Track- Toxic ( prod. by Fuso )

Friday, December 2, 2011

Download Necro x Kool G Rap - The Godfathers: The Pre-Kill Mixtape





01 Kool G Rap – What’s More Realer Then That
02 Necro – Thugcore Cowboy
03 Kool G Rap – In Too Deep
04 Necro – F.U.B.A.R.
05 Kool G Rap – Typical N*gga
06 Necro – First Blood
07 Kool G Rap – The Life
08 Necro – Brutalized
09 Kool G Rap – Fight Club
10 Necro – Braaains
11 Kool G Rap – Wishful Thinking
12 Necro – Keep On Driving
13 Kool G Rap – Real Life
14 Necro – No Remorse
15 Kool G Rap – Let The Games Begin
16 Necro – Creepy Crawl
17 Kool G Rap – The Realest remix
18 Necro – Revenge
19 Kool G Rap – Foul Cats
20 Necro – South Of Heaven
21 Kool G Rap – Stick To Ya Gunz
22 Necro – Do It
23 Kool G Rap – No More Mister Nice Guy
24 Necro – Who’s Ya Daddy?
25 Kool G Rap – I Ain’t Trickin’
26 Necro – Edge Play
27 Kool G Rap – Hey Mister Mister
28 Necro – Who*e
29 Kool G Rap – Keep It Swingin’
30 Necro – You B**ches Love To Get Fucked In The Azz
31 Kool G Rap – Executioner Style
32 Necro – Beautiful Music For You To Die To
33 Kool G Rap – Take ‘Em to War
34 Necro – Death Rap
35 Kool G Rap – Blowin’ Up in the World
36 Necro – Watch Ya Toes
37 Kool G Rap – Ghetto Knows
38 Necro – Dead Body Disposal
39 Kool G Rap – Two 2 The Head
40 Necro – Poetry In The Streets
41 Kool G Rap – 4,5,6
42 Necro – 12 King Pimp Commandments
43 Kool G Rap – F**k U Man
44 Necro – I Need Drugs
45 Kool G Rap – Crime Pays
46 Necro – Your Fu**in’ Head Split
47 Kool G Rap – Ill Street Blues
48 Necro – I’m Sick Of You
49 Kool G Rap – On The Run
50 Necro – Underground

Sticky Fingaz - The Whole Damn New York (NEW OFFICIAL VIDEO)

New Sticky Fingaz video,filmed by Myster DL,if you need work done hit DL up here http://www.facebook.com/pages/Myster-DL/171466352901638

K-Snatch - Shit Happens

New banger from K-Snatch,kid is a problem.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Lethal Dialect - The National (Love/Hate Mix) Free Download

Lethal Dialect recently had a song featured in the brilliant crime drama Love/Hate. Produced by GI who had to do a new beat over sample issues,get it free below.

You can hear the original below and follow the link to get the album.

Lethal Dialect on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Lethal-Dialect/186626141358217?ref=ts

Irish Rappers Lethal Dialect, Costello & GI Freestyle in Dublin

Done for the forthcoming RTE Hip Hop documentary

Phife Dawg (ATCQ) - Freestyle In London w/ DJ MK & Shortee Blitz on KISS

Phife Dawg dropped this freestyle for DJ MK, Shortee Blitz and filmed by DJ Gone.

Rich Mahogany - If The Shoe Fits Wear It e.p. Sampler

Check out the sampler below,itunes link is underneath it.

Get it on itunes here http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/if-the-shoe-fits-wear-it-ep/id483140237
Support Artists.